• Wolfburn First Release Single Malt Scotch Whisky

This no age statement whisky pours a golden pilsner color in the glass. The nose is bright and light with young orchard fruits (nectarine and pear), honeycomb, a whiff of sea salt, and a light suggestion of peat and mesquite smoke. The palate has a present mouthfeel with the ethereal flavors from its quarter cask (peat & light smoke) giving way with air to flavors of saltwater taffy and heather with dried apricots on thefinish. This may be just over three years old, but it drinks beyond its years. D&M Tasting Notes

The newest on the scene in Scotland, they completed their buildout in 2013. The far north of mainland Scotland has a history of human habitation since the Neolithic era, and is the home to the biggest blanket peat bog in Europe. The Wolfburn name has been around for just shy of 200 years, but the original incarnation is unknown to anyone alive today.

The first Wolfburn was founded in 1821 by William Smith just outside the village of Thurso. Wolfburn was the largest distillery in the far north for the first 40 years, but sometime between the Lincoln-Douglas debates and Reconstruction following the Civil War, it fell into disuse. The buildings of that first distillery were reduced to their foundations, but the Wolfburn (stream) flowed on. 

In 2012, Harry Tayler and a consortium of individuals began to plan the return of distilling to Thurso. The Scotch are particular about their water, and the Scotch Whisky Society’s condition of using the Wolfburn name is that the water for the new distillery had to come from the same water source as the original distillery. Tayler and his partners flew over the stream and found a location that would suit their needs, a quarter of a mile from the foundations of the old distillery. With a plot of land and access to water secured, Harry and Co. went looking for an individual with impeccable credentials who would marshal the distillery from the ground up. 

Wolfburn was quite fortunate to find and be run by Shane Fraser, who before joining the distillery had spent over two decades in the industry; first at Royal Lochnagar, then at Oban, and most recently head of production management at Glenfarclas. After accepting the job of leading the new distillery, Shane moved up to Thurso and began the complicated process of setting up a distillery. 

The distillery process is anchored by a simple setup of two stills: a 5500 liter wash still and a 3600 liter spirits still. Shane designed this distillery for the new millennium, smaller in scale than the industrial behemoths of the past, with an aim at keeping everything on site. The fermentations that Shane uses are longer than other distilleries to give depth of flavor and the distillation process is manual as opposed to automated to allow the team to adjust the cuts on the fly. Additionally, as all the water comes from a small stream, Wolfburn will not be able to scale up— only so much water can be drawn from the stream. In early 2013, production began at Wolfburn under Shane’s watchful eye. At the beginning, all of the production was of unpeated new make spirt, but they have since done one peated production run a week. Michael Kennel, D&M


Wolfburn First Release Single Malt Scotch Whisky

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