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Venn 2019 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

We taste the 2019 Venn Napa Cabernet Sauvignon done by the fine folks at @younginglewoodvineyards6968. This is a classic Napa Cabernet made up of 86% Cabernet Sauvignon 10% Cabernet Franc and 4% Malbec from two certified organic vineyard sites in St. Helena. 299 cases made!


Trail Marker Wine Co. 2017 Manchester Ridge Pinot Noir

121 cases! High Elevation! Low Alcohol California Pinot Noir! Most importantly: quite delicious. Check out this Trail Marker Pinot Noir Manchester Ridge 2017.


Dry Fly 8 Yr. Store Pick Wheat Whiskey

We love whiskey in all its forms. Sometimes nature pushes the proof to quite robust levels so we think it best to chat about water to add to bring down the alcohol on this excellent high proof wheat whiskey from Dry Fly.


Woodinville Cask Strength 2022 Store Pick Bourbon Whiskey

Michael reviews the new (as of July 2022) D&M Store Pick of @woodinvillewhiskeyco Cask Number 6682. We find this to be a delightful five year three month cask strength Bourbon for sipping with your favorite friends!


Carboniste Marin Brut Rose Sparkling Wine

Michael chats about the people and thinking behind the excellent sparkling wine people of Carboniste. This Rose sparking comes from two organically farmed vineyards in Marin County California, just south of the Petaluma Gap. Fermented and rested in oak for nine months before being given the sparkling treatment, this was hand disgorged! Delightful sparkling finished with a crown cap, this is well worth seeking out.


Marcadier Barbot MB XO Prestige Cognac

Michael dips into the spirit of Marcadier-Barbot, a delightful XO Cognac from the Grande Champagne.


Claque-Pepin Fine Calvados

https://dandm.com/claque-pepin-fine-calvados.html This fine introductory level Calvados is a delightful easy going entry to the sphere of apple brandy.


Centopassi Giato 2020 Rosso

https://dandm.com/centopassi-giato-2020-rosso.html Love organic wine and want to see what Sicily can produce after the Mafia controlled epoch? We would recommend that you give a try to Centopassi, a project that comes from land confiscated from the Mafia put to communal use. Farmed organically with local varietals this pairs/ plays well with food from around the Mediterranean basin.


Bonal Gentiane - Quina Aperitif

Michael at D&M Reviews the Bonal Gentiane Quina aperitif wine. https://dandm.com/bonal-gentiane-quina-aperitif.html It was originally made by a pharmacist as a fortifying wine in 1865. Slightly bitter and with a bit of a green note, this also works in cocktails based around Rye, Scotch or perhaps even cider.


Cap Corse Mattei Quinquina Rouge

https://dandm.com/cap-corse-mattei-quinquina-rouge.html Find out more about the Cap Corse Rouge, a aromatized or aperitif wine from the island of Corsica. Delightful by itself or included in Cocktails, this should be on wine slash spirits lovers radar. -Michael


Nue Wilde 2019 Ribolla Gialla

Michael of D&M interviews Ben Herold of Nue Wilde Wines about his new project and some of the wines that we have in the shop. If you are interested in the day to day work of how your wines are made, this is a great overview done by a local winemaker. https://dandm.com/nue-wilde-2018-sauvignon-blanc.html https://dandm.com/nue-wilde-2019-ribolla-gialla.html https://dandm.com/nue-wilde-2018-pinot-noir.html 00:00 Introduction and Previous Projects 01:55 What we have in store at D&M 02:43 Nue Wilde Luchsinger Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc 2018 03:14 Nue Wilde Ribolla Gialla Basalaccchi Vineyard 2019 04:11 Nue Wilde Coastview Vineyard Pinot Noir 2018 Check out more about Ben on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nuewildewines/


Smooth Ambler 5 Yr. Old Scout Store Pick Bourbon Straight Whiskey

Michael reviews the Smooth Ambler Old Scout single barrel that we selected at the beginning of 2020 and are happy to have on our shelves and offered up to you. dandm.com/smooth-ambler-5-yr-old-scout-store-pick-bourbon-straight-whiskey.html https://dandm.com/clubs/american-whiskey.html


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