Woodward Canyon 2017 Artist Series #26 Cabernet Sauvignon

The 2017 vintage was a challenging one here in California, so we turn our eyes to the north and see what Washington State and specifically Columbia Valley has to offer. To that point we here at D&M take a look at the Woodward Canyon Cabernet Sauvignon has to offer for the typical Napa Valley Cabernet lover.


Traverse City Whiskey Store Pick Straight Bourbon

Here Michael at D&M reviews the 2020 iteration of our Traverse City Cask Strength Bourbon. To get nerdy with it, it is barrel we #21-P276, and is a four year old from MGP distilled January 4, 2016. Its mash bill (recipe) is of 75% Corn, 21% Rye, and 4% Malted Barley. It was a full 53 gallon barrel, coopered at Kelvin with a #4 char and a medium toast. It was aged by Traverse City on Level 3 with a rack location of C6. It was dumped out of the barrel on February 6, 2020.


Syrocco 2017 Morocco Syrah

This wine begins with a bicycle ride that iconic French winemaker Alain Graillot went on in Morocco. The vines are not new, this is a wine that was made in parternership between Graillot and Chateau Thalvin. The winery has been in the Zenata region since the 1920s. Organically farmed, this is Syrah with its North African origins on good exhuberant display.


Smooth Ambler 5 Yr. Old Scout Store Pick Bourbon Straight Whiskey

Michael reviews the Smooth Ambler Old Scout single barrel that we selected at the beginning of 2020 and are happy to have on our shelves and offered up to you.


Radio Coteau 2014 Dierke Pinot Noir

Michael from D&M Wine and Spirits reviews the new to us Radio Coteau Dierke Pinot Noir 2014. This is a deep dark coastal style of Pinot Noir done by Eric Sussman and his team.


Askur Yggorasil London Dry Gin

We taste a new gin from Iceland, or rather cut with Icelandic water. It began its life as a wheat distillate in Champagne before going through the Gin process in Iceland.


Pax 2018 Sonoma-Hillsides Syrah

Michael from D&M Reviews the Pax Sonoma Hillsides Syrah 2018 from winemaker Pax Mahle.


Hirsch Vineyards 2017 San Andreas Fault Pinot Noir

Michael Reviews the Hirsch Pinot Noir San Andreas from the 2017 vintage. From the far Sonoma Coast, this is from the challenging 2017 vintage (fires, heat waves, all of the things.)


Piedrasassi 2018 P.S. Santa Barbara County Syrah

Michael from D&M reviews the Piedra Sassi PS 2018 from Santa Barbara County


Andre Clouet Grand Cru Grande Reserve Brut Champagne

Michael from D&M Reviews the Andre Clouet Grande Reserve NV, a broad-shouldered Champagne from the Champagne Village of Bouzy


Niepoort Docil 2019 Vinho Verde

Michael from D&M Wine and Spirits in San Francisco reviews the new release of the Dirk Niepoort Docil Vhino Verde 2019. Made up of the Portugese Loureiro from 20 year plus vines gron on granitic soils that are farmed organically.


Sot de Lange 2018 Sec Symbole White Wine

Near the beginning of the CoVid Shelter in Place, Michael from D&M reviews the Sot de Lange Sec Symbole (being french and cheeky, say it out loud.) This is made entirely of Chenin Blanc from the younger vines farmed Biodynamically in France's Loire Valley.


Ameztoi Rubentis 2019 Txakolina Rose

Michael reviews the new Ameztoi Txakolina Rubentis Rose 2019. Lightly effervescent and very versatile.


Hazelburn 13 Yr. Oloroso Cask Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Michael tastes and reviews the Hazelburn Single Malt 13 Year Oloroso Cask.


Harrington 2018 Central Coast Pinot Noir

Michael Reviews the Harrington Pinot Noir Central Coast Pinot Noir 2018, a blend of two different vineyard sites. Black fruited and serious, this is a lovely Pinot Noir.


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