Champagne Society


Every other month members receive a package shipped directly to their home or office consisting of from one to three bottles of the finest Champagnes on the market today. As part of this group purchase you save anywhere from 20 to 45% off suggested retail. The cost of the Champagne itself will not exceed $119.99, per shipment (does not include tax and or shipping) and the package always contains background information on the producer(s), as well as our own tasting notes. We ask that members commit to staying in the program for at least an year. No initiation fee or fees of any other sort just a simple arrangement for obtaining the best possible purchase price on world's finest Champagne. Over the course of the last 18 years our cadre of bubbly enthusiasts has enjoyed some incredible bargains, from the big champagne houses and the small family grower-producers.

Here are a few of our Past Club Bottlings:

Gonet Medeville Blanc de Noirs 

The names on the label represent the meeting of two families both of whom can trace their involvement in wine back seven generations. The palate has a acid zing to it that manages to balance out the stone fruits, red apple, hazelnut and just there minerality.

Champagne Colin 2008 Blanc de Blancs

We were pleased to be one of the first on the west coast to have these excellent Champagnes when we first brought them to you in 2015, and are quite happy to have their 2008 to share with you. The nose of this 100% Chardonnay shows a heady mix of white peach, cream, lemon oil, brioche, sugar plums, nuts and a just there saline minerality. The palate has a great texture to it with more present citrus notes in addition to hazelnut, clotted cream, and a delicate seam of minerality

Francis  Orban Extra Brut MV 

The Orban’s Champagne genesis moment came in 1929 when Léopold Orban decided to buck the practice of selling to the houses in Epernay and make Champagne on his own. Made up entirely of Pinot Meunier the nose of this shows its Meunier character with golden apple, yellow plum, clotted cream, clay minerality and baking spice.

Serge Mathieu 2002 Brut Millesime Magnum. 100% Pinot noir, very pale gold champagne shows off fine streamers and offers up initial aromas of buttered brioche, along with fresh minerality, and a floral character. The mouth feel is gorgeous with flavors of stone fruits, apricots, buttered biscuits, pleasant acidity, and a slight oxidation. The finish is lively with citrus fruits and a certain refinement calling for another taste.

Pierre Brigandat Brut Blanc de Noirs 

New-to-us Champagne grower the Brigandat family got their start in Côte de Bar region of Champagne in the 1960s, and for the first three decades sold the harvest to the large houses. The nose shows its Pinot character with cream, hazelnut, oxidized green apple skins, light allspice and a just there spearmint. The palate is moderate in weight and carries over the notes from the nose with cream, nuttiness and red apple in excellent harmony.

The Andre Clouet Grand Cru Rosé NV shows quite a bit of strawberry and yeast with that forward red fruit immediately present. The palate is very balanced and keeps the exuberance of the nose in check with moderate acidity and an excellent seam of cream. In termsof pairing, the fruit and presence of this wine seems to call for the same, and duck with raspberries will play tothis wine’s strengths as well as the bounty of the farmer’s market.