Champagne Society


Every other month members receive a package shipped directly to their home or office consisting of from one to three bottles of the finest Champagnes on the market today. As part of this group purchase you save anywhere from 20 to 45% off suggested retail. The cost of the Champagne itself will not exceed $119.99, per shipment (does not include tax and or shipping) and the package always contains background information on the producer(s), as well as our own tasting notes. We ask that members commit to staying in the program for at least an year. No initiation fee or fees of any other sort just a simple arrangement for obtaining the best possible purchase price on world's finest Champagne. Over the course of the last 15 years our cadre of bubbly enthusiasts has enjoyed some incredible bargains.

Here are a few of our Past Club Bottlings:

Pierre Paillard 2004 Grand Cru The wine that you have in your glass today is the product of over 100 years of vine selection in Bouzy, making this a truly distinct Champagne. The 2004 is a 50/50 blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. The nose of the 2004 shows vibrant red fruits, clotted cream, pastry notes and hazelnuts. The palate has a ton of minerality with lush cream notes and light red apple flavors coming together with lemon zest on the finish. For this Champagne, fire up the grill and try a grilled rack of lamb.

A.R. Lenoble Grand Cru Blanc de Blancs 2008. The nose of this 2008 Blanc de Blancs show cases white stones, moderate toast and a high tone of citrus and lemon zest. The palate is both broad and wonderfully light with excellent acidity balanced by preserved lemons on buttered brioche and wet stones. With its high acid and bright character, this is a Champagne that will work with quite a lot, but try a Catalan Fish Soup.

Cuvee Nicolas Francois Billecart 2000 Vintage Brut This 2000 vintage champagne exhibits a beautiful balance between richness and freshness. Aromas of fresh bread, baked goods, apples, nectarines, and white flowers all burst from the glass. The palate shows great weight due to oak treatment but also very precise because of the ample acidity and minerality. The finish has more flavors of apples, dried pears, peaches, and baked bread. A truly lovely champagne with plenty of time left to enjoy.

Serge Mathieu 2002 Brut Millesime Magnum. 100% Pinot noir, very pale gold champagne shows off fine streamers and offers up initial aromas of buttered brioche, along with fresh minerality, and a floral character. The mouth feel is gorgeous with flavors of stone fruits, apricots, buttered biscuits, pleasant acidity, and a slight oxidation. The finish is lively with citrus fruits and a certain refinement calling for another taste.

The Polyez-Jacquemart Extra Brut “Passion” NV (NM) was such a hit when we first tasted it we struggled to maintain a poker face when we negotiated the price for you, our club members. The wine is a blend of 40% Chardonnay, 5% Pinot Meunier, and 55% Pinot Noir with the 2004 harvest as the base. A quarter of the finished wine is comprised of reserve wine that was aged in oak barrels. The nose is quite clean with a high tone of dough and yeast with some nutty notes joined with apple and pear flavors. The palate, as one can expect from the 2004 vintage, is precise and mineral driven with lovely notes of citrus, nut, marzipan and moderate acidity. This delicious wine calls for a simple pairing, I would recommend fresh baked bread with a grassy olive oil dipped in dukkha (Egyptian blend of roasted nuts, spices and sesame seeds.) With this you should be in summer nirvana.

The Andre Clouet Millesime 2008 Brut is fully Pinot Noir with a lovely aroma set of vi-brant red fruits, clotted cream, hazelnuts and pastry notes. The palate has a ample amount of 
minerality with lush cream notes and light red apple flavors with a lemon zest note on the finish. As the fall deepens, try a recipe from times past, such as squab and bacon.

Delamotte 2004 Blanc de Blancs. The nose of this terrific 2004 shows bright and vibrant kiwi fruits with white flowers,moderate yeast and a focused clean white stone minerality.The palate is wonderfully precise with citrus,honeycomb and a focused minerality with light tropical fruits backed up with present but not high acidity. After having tasted this across three days, we can say that this cuvee, while over a decade old, has the structure and poise to go at least another decade if you choose to wait, though we will not blame you for consuming now. With the Delamotte’s elements of white flowers and wet stone, oysters with a squeeze of Meyer lemon will pair wonderfully.

The Andre Clouet Grand Cru Rosé NV shows quite a bit of strawberry and yeast with that forward red fruit immediately present. The palate is very balanced and keeps the exuberance of the nose in check with moderate acidity and an excellent seam of cream. In termsof pairing, the fruit and presence of this wine seems to call for the same, and duck with raspberries will play tothis wine’s strengths as well as the bounty of the farmer’s market.