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Cognac Inner Circle


Learning about France's magnificent triumvirate, Cognac, Armagnac and Calvados, has never been easier. We offer three different clubs that let you explore these magnificent spirits. As a member of our Inner Circle Buyer's Clubs you could be receiving a carefully chosen example every third month, four times a year, shipped directly to your home or office. By participating in this group purchase you would be getting your brandy at a great price, as well--as much as 15 to 40% off normal retail. The charge for the bottle, itself, is no more than $199.99(usually much less). Each shipment includes a fact sheet about the producer along with our own tasting notes. No initiation fees or fees of any sort, just pure pleasure and a chance to learn about the fascinating world of these noble spirits. 

Here are some of our past club offerings:

Jacques Denis Vieille Cognac

Grande Champagne. Vieille Reserve is a blend of Cognacs from two generations past: the grandfather’s 1955 and the father’s 1968. The nose starts with a lovely almond-scented rancio note, which then segues into wonderfully balanced maple, prune, toffee, walnut, and vanilla. The palate is creamy and impeccably balanced with all the character and notes of the nose joining together on the tongue. The finish is one of masterful length and shows what can be done with 50+ years of age. This is a superbly aged Grande Champagne, intended to be enjoyed and appreciated in small doses. 

François Giboin Borderies 1974

This bottling was distilled in 1974, aged in barrel until 2005 at which time it was transferred to glass demijohns in the cellars and finally bottled in the spring of 2014. The nose shows an explosive aromatic set that includes plum, fig, exotic vanilla, and a hint of violet. The palate is rich with additional notes of tobacco, sweet spices and a touch of coffee that intermesh on the way to a long, impressive finish.

Domaine Andre Petit Hors D'Age 1976

Distilled in 1976, bottled in 2014 after spending 40 years in oak.  Deep amber color.  Maple, brown sugar, baking spices, English toffee and cookie dough on the nose.  Soft and round on the palate, with more spice and a hint of chocolate.  Soft finish, yet with very good length.  Well-aged grower cognac.

Ordonneau Tres Vieille Reserve

The 25 year old Tres Vieille Reserve displays a lovely deep amber in the glass. The nose is bold and upfront with aromas of walnut, toffee, fig, caramel, orange, and warm baking spices. The palate is rounded and harmonious with flavors that echo the nose with nuts, caramel and spiced oranges predominating. We find this a delicious very complete Borderies