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Armagnac Inner Circle


Learning about France's magnificent triumvirate, Cognac, Armagnac and Calvados, has never been easier. We offer three different clubs that let you explore these magnificent spirits. As a member of our Inner Circle Buyer's Clubs you could be receiving a carefully chosen example every third month, four times a year, shipped directly to your home or office. By participating in this group purchase you would be getting your brandy at a great price, as well--as much as 15 to 40% off normal retail. The charge for the bottle, itself, is no more than $199.99 (usually much less).Does not include tax and or shipping. Each shipment includes a fact sheet about the producer along with our own tasting notes. No initiation fees or fees of any sort, just pure pleasure and a chance to learn about the fascinating world of these noble spirits.

Here are a few of our past club offerings:

Chateau De Laubade 1990 Cask Strength D&M Store Pick

 The nose of this 1990 shows a richer and rounder side of Bas Armagnac with aromas of dulce de leche, spun sugar, orange peel, coconut, peanut, and oak barrel spice. The palate has a welcome cask strength presence to it with orange peel, figs, peppercorn, dulce de leche and peanuts to finish up. This lingers nicely on the palate for upwards of 20 seconds

Louis Dupuy 1982 Bas Armagnac

The 1982 is bottled at 45 percent alcohol and posses a deep amber color. The nose shows hints of dried pear, toffee, vanilla and spice. On the palate, the flavors expand and add plum, leather and black pepper to the harmonious whole. The brandy and its flavors coat the palate and linger pleasingly on the palate for several minutes.

Domaine Boingnères 1985 Cépages Nobles Bas-Armagnac

Domaine Boingneres has been producing Armagnac for over 200 years. The current captain of the domaine is  madam Martine Lafitte. This is a 31 year old Bas-Armagnac made out of the three noble grape varietals of  Armagnac. The palate is intense and encourages appreciation in small amounts with a burst  of flavor towards the bake shop with orange marmalade and a hint of smoke in addition to the chocolate, toffee, vanilla and nougat carried over from the nose.

Domaine de Maouhum Bas-Armagnac 1992

Christelle Lasseignou, like many small farmers, utilizes a travelling column still  rather than pay for, build, and maintain a still of their own. This 26 year-old Bas-Armagnac  pours a beautiful amber color in the glass, and has a complex nose that combines dried fruits, orange peel, hazelnut and tobacco. The palate shows layers of flavors with dried plums and apricot, vanilla, cedar and spice. The finish is long with recurring almond and spice notes.

Delord Bas-Armagnac Cask Strength 1978 42.8%

The house of Delord was  founded in 1893 by Prosper Delord, a travelling distiller that decided to buy land and put down roots in rural Gascony. This was distilled in the early winter of 1978 and slumbered for 40 years  before being bottled at cask strength in 2018. The nose is full and present with notes of dried apricots, prunes, morning buns, dulce de leche, spun sugar, rancio, loamy earth and wood barrel spice. The palate shows the years in barrel with oak tannins, toasted almond, pepper, black tea, and just there prune