Armagnac Inner Circle


Learning about France's magnificent triumvirate, Cognac, Armagnac and Calvados, has never been easier. We offer three different clubs that let you explore these magnificent spirits. As a member of our Inner Circle Buyer's Clubs you could be receiving a carefully chosen example every third month, four times a year, shipped directly to your home or office. By participating in this group purchase you would be getting your brandy at a great price, as well--as much as 15 to 40% off normal retail. The charge for the bottle, itself, is no more than $199.99 (usually much less).Does not include tax and or shipping. Each shipment includes a fact sheet about the producer along with our own tasting notes. No initiation fees or fees of any sort, just pure pleasure and a chance to learn about the fascinating world of these noble spirits.

Here are a few of our past club offerings:

Château de Ravignan Bas-Armagnac 1981

These Armagancs are made with a blend of the grape varietals Baco and Ugni Blanc and distilled once in a roving alambic still that visits the château after harvest. When our man on the ground Charles visited the château in January, he was told that a small amount of the 1981 vintage was still available for purchase. After Charles sampled the 1981 in the tasting room and a flurry of transatlantic emails , we decided to purchase.The Château de Ravignan 1981 is bottled at cask strength. The color is a deep amber with gold highlights. The aromas leap from a balloon glass and are dominated by prune, vanilla, leather and spice. On the palate the spirit shows a rich, mouth-coating texture with the prune and vanilla being joined by additional notes of cigar and toffee. The finish is long, allowing the flavors to linger on the palate for over a minute.

Domaine de Jourdanet Bas-Armagnac 1986

At the Domaine de Jourdanet, Michel Cazade distills a few barrels worth of pure Baco a year. When our man on the ground stopped by his farm last summer, Charles was especially impressed with his 1986, distilled by the itinerant distiller Roumat and aged in oak barrels purchased from the local cooper. The vintage was kept in his well-ventilated storage area for nearly thirty years, and bottled by hand in January specifically for our club members. 

This 1986 posses a deep amber color. The aromas that emerge from this spirit are masculine with prune, leather,and roasted almonds. On the palate this has an impressive texture with lovely elements of pepper and spice tha tare joined by the elements mentioned in the nose. The finish is long and broad, making this a tipple for cool nights.

Domaine de Lassale 1972 Bas-Armagnac

This Bas-Armagnac was made with 90% Baco and 10% Folle Blanche, distilled at 55% ABV, then aged in dry conditions before being bottled at cask strength. We were able to purchase the last remaining bottles of this 42 year-old for our D & M Inner Circle members. Domaine de Lassale 1972 Bas Armagnac has a deep mahogany color. The bouquet of aromas include sandalwood, shaved cocoa and sweet spices. The palate picks up notes of licorice and coffee, as well as cinnamon, saffron and chocolate-covered plums. The finish is both intense and long