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“I am drinking stars!” Dom Perignon exclaimed when he first tasted the bubbling wine so dear to our hearts. Here at D&M champagne is more than a specialty, it’s a passion with us. We love the big, bold brut of Bollinger and the delicate demi-sec from Billecart-Salmon. We can never get enough of the pink bubbles from Billecart-Salmon or Laurent Perrier. We think a Tuesday afternoon is enough of a special occasion to warrant popping the cork on a bottle of Forest Marie Blanc de Blancs and that Sunday evenings call for something special, like a bottle of Krug. 

We enjoy the big name brands, of course—who would say no to a glass of Louis Roederer?—but what we really love is discovering Champagne houses that no one has ever heard of and showing them off in the States. We love small, family owned champagne houses and we seek them out. We’ve brought wonderful bubblies from Jacquesson, Henri Goutorbe, Jean Pernet, Henriet Bazin and Serge Mathieu. We think the world of champagne is a wonderful place to explore. 

To that end, we do all we can to bring you all these fine Champagnes and sparkling wines at the best prices we possible can. As you browse our selections, feel free to click on an item you’re curious about, and you’ll get more information. 

If you’re truly interested in exploring the amazing world of bubblies, think about joining the D&M Champagne Society, and come on the journey with us.