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Learning about France's magnificent triumvirate, Cognac, Armagnac and Calvados, has never been easier. We offer three different clubs that let you explore these magnificent spirits. As a member of our Inner Circle Buyer's Clubs you could be receiving a carefully chosen example every third month, four times a year, shipped directly to your home or office. By participating in this group purchase you would be getting your brandy at a great price, as well--as much as 15 to 40% off normal retail. The charge for the bottle, itself, is no more than $199.99(usually much less). Does not include tax and or shipping. Each shipment includes a fact sheet about the producer along with our own tasting notes. No initiation fees or fees of any sort, just pure pleasure and a chance to learn about the fascinating world of these noble spirits. 

Here are some of our past offerings:

Michel Huard Calvados ‘20’ year old

The Huard family have been living in an around the small village of Caligny for five generations. Jean-François added this 1990 to a couple of oblong tonneau barrels of 1992. Time has been kind to the blend,  developing a rich texture and a deep nuance.  

Domaine du Manoir du Montreuil Pays d’Auge 2000

Patrice Giard along with his wife Michelle  represent the 12th generation on the property. This 2000 floats on the nose with aromas of golden apples, a hint of vanilla and just there baking spice.

Manoir de Grandouet Pays d’Auge Hors d’Age 15 year

Less than two miles outside of the unofficial capital Cambremer, along the Route de Cidre, you will come across the tiny village of Grandouet. The Grandval family has called this hamlet of Normandy home for many generations.Both complexity and youth with notes of vanilla and honey, baked apple, toffee and smoke. This is a bottle that discourages willpower, calling for just a sip more.

Ferme de la Galotière Hors d’Age Calvados

From the tiny town of Crouttes, the nose of the la Galotière is rich and forthcoming, the aroma set has a ample nose of baked apple, fine spice and complex esters. The palate is soft with plenty of fruit, a touch of almond, warm baking spice and baked green apple. The finish is warm and long. 


Manoir de Grandouet Hors D'Auge Calvados

Manoir de Grandouet Hors D'Auge Calvados

The Mainoir de Grandouet pours a deep amber color. The aromas are present and given over to baked ap..


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