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Single Malt Aficionados Club


Members of our buyers' club share an enthusiasm for the malt elixir in the most practical way, by saving time and money. No initiation or fees of any sort are charged. We simply ask that you undertake to remain in the club for the period of one year. As a club member you will receive a carefully selected, often unique bottling, complete with background information, shipped directly to your home or office every quarter (March, June, September, December). The Single Malt Aficionados' Club is dedicated to seeking out and enjoying the rarest and most classic of truly aged malts, has a limit of $139.99, per shipment on the cost for the bottle itself.(Does not include tax and or shipping) That's it. No strings just pure enjoyment. 

Here are some of our past club offerings:

Ledaig 11 Year Old Signatory Bottling Cask Strength

This 11 year old aged in a first fill sherry barrel. While most sherry barrels in Scotland were deconstructed before shipping from Spain and then re-coopered, this barrel was kept whole and went from holding Sherry to Whisky in a short length of time. As a result the spirit picks up rich nut and spice notes to balance out Ledaig’s 39 parts per million of peat phenols. The nose of this youthful 11 year old shows aromas of roasted and salted peanuts, mesquite smoke, charred sweet potatoes and bar-b-qued peaches and nectarines. The palate is rich and textured with summer spice, campfire, and charred stone fruits.

Cadenhead Glen Spey- Glenlivet 1995 18 year 59.5% 

The nose of this Glen Spey is more to the light and precise style with clean cereal grains, lighthoneycomb and a light sea salt note, with butterscotch at a lower temperature. The palate has a saltedtoffee note with Triscuits, tropical fruits, and a light peat note that you pick up on the end. With thiswhisky bottled over proof we would recommend the judicious addition of ice, it was better with iceversus any ratio of water we tried. A final note on the addition of Glenlivet on your label, this does nothave to do with any whisky being aged at that eponymous distillery, but rather Cadenhead’s desire tointroduce a greater understanding of the locations of distilleries within the larger Highland region.

Glenfarclas 21 Year Old

Glenfarclas is always bottled with natural color-- what you see is what you get. This is one delicate Speyside that distinctly benefits from time in the glass. The nose of this 21 year old shows soft caramel, honey, barrel char, bruleed bananas, yellow apples, toasted nuts, sage, and cocoa powder. The palate is pretty with toffee, caramel, triscuits, chicory, cream, ephemeral smoke, and Werther’s Original.

Mortlach Cadenhead 1994 20 year Cask Strength

The color of this bottling from Cadenhead is a pale straw, decidedly different from their normalsulfur-sherried style. The nose is light with tree fruits, almonds and smoky golden grains and almost aBBQ beef note that came and went in the nose. The palate shows the bigger Mortlach style withpeppercorn honeycomb, dry tree fruits, a moderate smokiness and a slight peat note. At 51.4%alcohol, we have best enjoyed this without the adding water. 

Old Pulteney 21 Year Old Gordon&Macphail Bottling

Single Malt Scotch Whisky.The nose of this 21 year old is light and pretty with a whiff of sea breeze, clean cereal grain, orange, and a light suggestion of peat, with vanilla and stone fruits developing with time in the glass. The mouthfeel of this Scotch is round and voluptuous with stone fruits, oak, cayenne spice, honey, and a pleasantly salty edge to finish.