American Whiskey

American Whiskey Club

Learning Whiskey the American Way

We seek out unique expressions of American whiskeys that we find to be particularly delectable and buy an allotment. The whiskey you receive in our club is meticulously taste-selected by our devoted staff. It is unique to D&M as well as your personal collection! 

By joining our club, you will receive 1-2 bottles every 3 months of the best that American Whiskey has to offer - shipped right to your home or office along with background material on the producer and our staff’s tasting notes on the product. 
The product cost tops out at $100 per shipment, but usually much lower. ( Does not include tax and or shipping)

Here are some Past Club Offerings:

Fillmore-Sacramento Bourbon 9 year Port Barrel, Our very own bottling:The nose, as one would expect with a port aged Bourbon, shows an ample amount of sweet spices with aromas of cinnamon, cardamom, clove, toasted coconut, a savory rosemary, oak, and a sticky bun/ coffee cake aroma set. The palate is quite rich with dried red fruits, rye spice, oak and a present but not overwhelming red wine tannin note.

Bernheim Single Barrel Wheat Whiskey D&M Selection The Bernheim Wheat has a light and lively nose of pepper, dry caramel and light baking spices. The palate is clean with tropical fruit notes, pepper spice and a clean wheat and honey dominated finish. If your part of the world sees a hot traditional summer, this could be your summer jam.

Corsair TripleSmoke Blended Double Barrel Cask Strength D&M Selection
Our Triple Smoke selection is a combination of two barrels that we selected blended together, to make sure we have enough for you and in all truth a bottle or two for ourselves. The nose shows aromas reminiscent of camping in Northern California with honey, earth, caramel, smoke and nuts. The palate has ample flavors of peat, brown butter, sweet spice rubs, old leather, brown sugar and grilled stone fruits.

Michter’s 10 Year Old Single Barrel Bourbon. This is Barrel Number 13G130, and it is a rich deep amber color. The nose is full of notes of butterscotch, caramel, candied fruits and orange zest. The palate is as rich as the color, with toffee, black licorice and dried fruits. The palate is also where the rye shows itself with, spice, tobacco and cinnamon making this a very complex mouth feel. The finish brings a dark chocolate note. This is bottled at 47.7% ABV

Willett 18 Year Old, Bourbon Distilled in 1993, this 18 year old has wonderful aromas of coconut, Brazil nuts, crème brulee, and roasted almonds. The palette is fully loaded with bananas foster, ripe red fruits, candied oranges, and caramel. A great spiciness bounds through mixed with fruits and a floral note on the finish. A truly big and bold whiskey!  

Smooth Ambler Old Scout 8 Year Old cask strength Hits you with an intense pepper spice kick that is backed upwith rich caramel and vanilla. When given time in the glass the rye is mellowed out and gives way to more of molassesnote with hints of candied apricots. The palate is engulfed with rich flavors of candied fruits and caramel, but has thatnice spice from the rye to make this a very well balanced. The richness follows all the way to the finish, ending on somenice oak notes.