• Laphroaig 10 YR Single Malt Scotch Whisky

The Laphroaig 10 Year Old, Single Malt Scotch Whisky has a medicinal, phenolic, seaweedy nose, with a hint of sherry. Body: Medium oily. Palate: Seaweedy, salty, oily. Finish: Round and very dry. Michael Jackson

Because of the illegal beginning, the early history of the distillery is not completely known. However Laphroaig officially claim that they were founded in 1815. We also know that Laphroaig gained their licence in 1826. Donald Johnston bought his brother's share of the company in 1836 and ran Laphroaig himself until his death in 1847. By then his son Dugald was only eleven years old and could not take over the business immediately. The business was therefore leased to a trustee of Johnston's estate, a man named Alexander Graham who also ran Lagavulin. Dugald took over in 1857 and ran the company until 1877 when he died. Alexander Johnston became the new owner and continued to develop Laphroaig which by then already was a highly appreciated whisky.

During WW2 production was completely shut down since Laphroaig was used as a garrison. Ian Hunter died heirless in 1954, but in his will he left the entire distillery to Bessie Williamson. Bessie was the niece of his accountant and had worked at Laphroaig ever since one summer in the thirties when she had been appointed Ian's temporary secretary. She was a pragmatic owner and soon realised that Laphroaig needed a strong financial partner to meet the increasing competition. She therefore sold the company to Long John in the sixties. In 1990 Laphroaig was bought by Allied Distillers which are the current owners. In 1994 Prince Charles visited the distillery and presented them with the Royal Warrant. A Royal Warrant is an official approval that can only be bestowed by a few members of the royal family. By giving this honour to the Laphroaig distillery Prince Charles declared that he is of the opinion that Laphroaig is the best whisky in the world. Distillery Notes


Laphroaig 10 YR Single Malt Scotch Whisky

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