• Lustau Solera Reserva Pedro Ximenez San Emilio Sherry

Dark mahogany in colour and viscous. Redolent of ripe fruit in the mouth, dried figs and roasted coffee beans. Very sweet, velvety and soft in the mouth, with an extremely long aftertaste. Winery Notes

Ideal over vanilla ice-cream, with dark chocolate and blue cheeses such as Cabrales. It is also an excellent digestif. 

The grapes Pedro Ximénez are laid out in the sun for several days. Fermentation is stopped, in order to keep the natural sugar of the grapes. Afterwards this wine is fortified and then aged in the “solera and criaderas” system.

The secret of Sherry lies in ageing and blending. Either a Fino of El Puerto de Santa Maria, or an Amontillado or an Oloroso, it consists of many different wines taken from a variety of barrels, which contain wines of diverse ages. A group of barrels with the same wine is called “solera”. This combination of wines is not only a part of the job. It is also an art in which all senses must be used, especially smell. At the laboratory, small quantities of wine from different soleras must be mixed in a test tube to develop a “cabeceo” (mixture). It is decided simultaneously what quantity of alcohol will be necessary to mix with the wine before being bottled. Once a successful mixture has been created, the bottles are filled with small quantities in order to sell them. Manuel Lozano Salado is leader of the team of Bodegas Lustau which has its mission to guarantee that the sherry mixture keeps the high quality standards that have been established. This team decides which sherry casks are necessary for every mixture and how every cask should be developed. The wine is produced in a naturally: it is the foreman´s task to ensure that nature receives the best assistance. Winery Notes

Lustau Solera Reserva Pedro Ximenez San Emilio Sherry

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