• Lustau Amontillado Los Arcos Dry Sherry

The non-vintage Dry Amontillado Los Arcos Solera Reserva reveals a medium amber hue along with a nutty, honeyed, dry personality with great acid. 93 Points Robert Parker, August 2012.

Lustau made its reputation in the foreign markets with its extraordinary single cask Almacenistas which had been accumulated by the family over many years as their soleras are among the oldest in Sherry. The family also owns over 500 acres of vineyards. These are all remarkable efforts for their stunning value. While they are still under-the-radar for most American wine lovers, I encourage readers to give them a try as they are great introductory reference points for how profound sherry can be. Robert Parker -  

Lustau Amontillado Los Arcos Dry Sherry. It is a classic Amontillado, with a touch of sweetness, well-balanced and prominent in both character and age. Amber in colour with golden hues. Aromas of ripened fruit, with hints of wood and raisins. Winery Notes


Lustau Amontillado Los Arcos Dry Sherry

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