• Fidencio Espadin Clasico Mezcal

Deep rich smoke, earth and dirt on the nose and the palate is equally smoky, with little fruit and more minerality coming through. This is very rustic style.  D&M Tasting Notes

“The second rail mezcal right behind vida. They were introduced to me around the same time and most bars either had one or the other as their rail mezcal. While for me it’s not as good as vida, but it still needs a mention because it’s an amazing quality product with an affordable price point. It comes from Oaxaca with a 10-year harvest process and it’s under $40 a bottle. Yes, please.” ForbesLife

Fidencio Mezcal embodies the tradition and creativity of Oaxaca. With four generations of knowledge and the finest estate grown agave, Fidencio is a unique mezcal that is pure agave. Using 100% Espadín agave let to mature at least 10 years.

100% Estate Grown Agave. Clásico is a traditional, Oaxacan mezcal roasted in a wood-fired earthen oven. The flavor is a complex balance of fruit, spice and smoke. Distillery Notes

 43.7% ABV


Fidencio Espadin Clasico Mezcal

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