• Diane's Bloody Mary 'Dirty Dianes' Jalapeno

Celebrated chef Michael Mina's wife Diane, who uses organically grown heirloom tomatoes as the bases of her blends along with herbaceous lovage and savory spices. These garden-grown ingredients combine to create a clean, balanced base. To continue the harmony of ingredients, she adds both lemon and lime juice for that perfect touch of citrus. Tabasco and worcestershire add a zip of spicy smoke that hits with a tang, not a whimper. She tops it off with a five peppercorn blend and horseradish to amp up the heat. A savory spin on her original, she spices it up with a refreshing and bold puree of jalapenos, cilantro, honey and coriander. Diane's

Diane's Bloody Mary 'Dirty Dianes' Jalapeno

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