A uniquely Californian gin with a sense of place and poetry. distilled from sustainably sourced botanicals.  Terroir Gin is our ode to the wild beauty of the Golden State. Distiller Lance Winters has a passion for exploring place and memory through distillation, and the aromas of the coastal forests on California's Mount Tam were what inspired him to start making gin in the first place. Terroir Gin has an intense earthy, woodsy nose and flavor derived from Douglas fir, California bay laurel, and California coastal sage complemented by bright, citrusy top notes. This is a unique and proudly Californian gin with a sense of place and poetry. Distillery Notes




1 1/2 oz St. George Terroir Gin
3/4 oz Bruto Americano
1/4 oz Giffard Apricot Liqueur
1 barspoon St. George Spiced Pear Liqueur
1/4 oz gum syrup
3 dashes Peychaud's Bitters

Stir all ingredients with ice in a mixing glass until chilled, then strain into rocks glass over ice. Garnish with orange peel.

Recipe: Jacquelyn Dowell, Ramen Shop, Oakland



St. George Terroir Gin *200ml

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