• Few Cold Cut Bourbon

The nose shows cocoa nib, espresso, cherry, dried caramel, and dried stone fruits. The palate shows up front coffee with oak barrel spice, cherry and a bitter edge on the finish. D&M Tasting Notes

This starts the same way all F·E·W Bourbons do, as a mash bill of 70% corn (regular), 20% rye, and  10% malted barley that is fermented with a saison yeast for a peppery character. Distillation and ageing is the same as with their typical bourbon- the twist comes when they go to cut the bourbon from cask strength to finish proof. Here the mad scientists of Evanston, Ill. take local coffee purveyor Passion House’s cold brew coffee (the cold brew has less bitter elements in it) instead of water and cut the bourbon to its finished proof of 46.5% ABV. A few weeks ago the Cold Cut Bourbon was named as best American Flavored Whiskey at the World Whisky Awards 2020, so kudos for experimentation and willingness to try new things to F·E·W. D&M Tasting Notes

Looking over the short history of F·E·W it is easy to detect a distinctly ornery contrarian streak. First of all the name: it is in fact the initials of Temperance’s founder: Francis Elizabeth Willard; the distillery was founded in the hometown of the American Temperance Movement. The gentleman behind all of these subtle jabs at history is a character himself. Paul Hletko began his professional career far from the spirits business doing white shoe work as a patent attorney in Chicago. It turned out that patent law did not nourish his soul and even before F·E·W he left the professional space for a life more interesting. That first began with a stint as a professional guitar player, then he became a record label owner. Finally he used his JD to overturn a hundred plus years of local ordinances and prohibitions to allow for the establishment of F·E·W Spirits in Evanston, Illinois. (Ironically Evanston was founded as a dry town, and alcohol in any form was strictly prohibited until 1972.) In terms of place, the distillery is situated in a former commercial laundry facility turned auto shop located down a nondescript alley. Paul and his team are firmly of the ‘Grain to Glass’ school, and further strive to source the grain they use from Chicago’s surrounding farmland. Looking over the email chain with Paul & Co. they (six total employees- 3 in distilling, 3 in the rackhouse) acknowledge that they are not trying to change the way whiskey is made, they rather aim to use superior ingredients to make better whiskey-- truth be told by using small than standard barrels to accelerate ageing. Typically barrels are batched out to deliver a consistent flavor profile. Their new, more tempered motto is: “By the Few, for the Few.” 

Few Cold Cut Bourbon

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