• Scrappy's Cardamom Bitters

 5oz. Release the pure essence of cardamom balanced with delicate citrus. Whether crafting a heady rum punch or wistful warming toddy, cardamom bitters adds a potent kick to your mix.

I began creating the Scrappy’s Bitters line using only natural, mostly organic ingredients (soon to be 100% organic). We hand-make everything that goes into our bitters — from the blender to the caramel. This is how we make the best bitters in the world (it’s a bold statement – just like our bitters!). 52% ABV


2½oz gin

½ oz dry vermouth 

1 to 2 dashes of Scrappy’s Cardamom bitters, stir and serve up with a lemon twist   (Yahnny)

The Elegant Spice

1½ oz white rum

½ oz fresh grapefruit 

½ oz cointreau 

½ oz dry Vermouth 

1 to 2 dashes of Scrappy’s cardamom bitters serve on the rocks


Scrappy's Cardamom Bitters

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