• Ployez-Jacquemart Extra Quality Brut Champagne

Ployez-Jacquemart blends wines while respecting the typicality of each grape harvest. Our Extra Quality Brut Champagne can be tasted following ageing of a minimum of three years. Our Extra Quality Brut is a blend of Premier and Grand Crus with a majority of Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier grapes (usually 60% black grapes and 40% white grapes). Our black grapes provide greater richness, complexity and roundness. We only use pure Cuvées (first pressings) and the make-up of this blend only exceptionally uses reserve wines when the grape harvest quality is too low. Winery Notes

Ployez  Jacquemart has been an operating house for three generations in the village of Ludes, eight miles southwest of Reims. The house is currently run by Laurence Ployez and she owns 5.3 acres herself and buys fruit under long term contract from an additional 29 acres. Laurence is a proponent of working by hand, not tractor from start to finish. All of her cuvees are aged for over six years and aged for at least six years upside down, which sounds better in French— sur pointe. This allows the wine to benefit from the anti-oxidative nature of lees, while the end Champagne remains fresh and vibrant. Ployez generally disgorges their Champagnes to order, and this cuvee is no different. The whole essence of Ployez-Jacquemart rests in our continual search for excellence and our remarkable abilities to make truly fine wines. These skills have been passed down through three generations. Deep-seated pride in our product and heritage are the cornerstones of our traditional approach to champagne production.



Ployez-Jacquemart Extra Quality Brut Champagne

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