• Lemorton Pommeau de Normandie

A much lighter and prettier style of Pommeau where the pears by and large take a back seat to the apples. The nose shows light apple and a bit of oak spice while to palate is clean light and precise. D&M Tasting Notes

The Lemorton family has a long history in the Domfrontais. Roger (right) is the fifth generation and his son (Didier, left, with his son) now runs the domaine. Their 9-acre property is planted with both apple and pear trees; the latter's influence is dominant; for every three apples in their Calvados, there are approximately seven pears.

The Lemortons distill their cider after aging it for eleven months in oak barrels. Distillation takes place in their own alambic, a single-distillation unit that distills to about 140 proof. The clear spirit then goes into barrels which have an average age of 30 years. 

The Lemortons sell some excellent young blends, including a five and 10-year-old. The jewels of the family crown, however, are the vintages from the 1970's. These are spirits which still retain their fruit while fully displaying their terroir and breed. Charles Neal, Importer


Lemorton Pommeau de Normandie

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