• Lagavulin 16 YR Single Malt Scotch Whisky

An old classic, but how do the newest bottlings fare? Rich, chewy, slightly oily texture. Deep peat, thick smoke, iodine, brine, charcoal, seaweed, tea (Earl Grey, Lapsang Souchong), and the aromas of a summer barbeque. Vanilla and light caramel soften the intensity, while subtle citrus fruit teases. Powerful, yet polished and seamless. After all these years, this whisky is still one of the finest standard-issue peaty, smoky whiskies! 94 Points John Hansell, Whisky Advocate 

 About The Distillery: 

Islay means peat. Miles and miles of peat bog in the west of the island provide the raw material whose influence so characterizes the south eastern Islay malts, of which Lagavulin is perhaps best known. Lagavulin's richly peaty process water runs down the brown burn to the distillery from the Solan Lochs in the hills above the distillery. Though it shares a coastline with two neighbouring distilleries, former owner Peter Mackie took pains to ensure that Lagavulin shares its water with no-one. Rights over the water course and the surrounding land were hotly contested in his day; his persistence secured Lagavulin's legacy. 

The barley used to distil Lagavulinis malted at nearby Port Ellen and has a strong peat aroma - it has perhaps twenty times as much exposure to peat smoke as a typical Speyside, Cragganmore. Fermentation of the barley is a slow process, too. Between 55 and 75 hours are taken for the full peat-rich flavour of the locally-malted barley to come through. There's nothing rushed about Islay, nor is there about Lagavulin; before being bottled, the malt spends sixteen unhurried years maturing in oak casks, the longest maturation period for any of the standard Classic Malts offerings. 

Long fermentation, long distillation and long maturation together ensure that Lagavulin develops all of its long, rich, peaty character. It's is a spirit that likes to take its time. The definitive Islay malt demands nothing less.

"An Islay classic. In the peatiness typical of the island, this is the most powerfully, intensely, dry. It also has smoke, salt and seaweedy notes, though those characteristics are more evident in some of its neighbours." Michael Jackson, whisky writer and expert.



Lagavulin 16 YR Single Malt Scotch Whisky

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