• Laberdolive 1992 Domaine de Jaurrey Bas Armagnac

The nose is filled with toffee, barrel spice and rancio. The palette is complex and rich,with toffee, coffee beans and spice. The texture is full,and there are nice notes of roast meats and nuts on the finish. Quiet lovely. D&M Tasting Notes

46% ABV

There are very few products whose clear superiority allows them to define their own category. The Armagnacs of Laberdolive, however, have for many years, been objectively regarded as the apotheosis of Armagnac. Just as Nikita Khruschev once diverted his elaborate and heavily-guarded entourage to visit the chais and acquire a prized bottle of the famed Armagnac, so did French President Jacques Chirac bring along a bottle of Laberdolive 1972 to toast his hosts on a recent state visit to China.

David Ridgway, chef-sommelier at La Tour d'Argent in Paris, not long ago remarked to The Wine Spectator that Laberdolive has been "considered for a long time to be the benchmark of Armagnac." Although only recently available in the United States, and thus not as widely-known here, there are scarcely any three-star tables in Europe that do not boast a vertical selection of Laberdolive.Importer Notes

Laberdolive 1992 Domaine de Jaurrey Bas Armagnac

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