• Hayman's Old Tom Gin

This is clean and smooth, with aromas of fresh citrus and slight sweetness. Lemon zinger tea came to mind. D&M Tasting Notes

Hayman's Old Tom Gin is a botanically intensive and delicately sweetened style of gin that delivers a balanced and well rounded flavor profile, resulting in a distinctive and authentic cocktail experience. Popular in the 18th and 19th century, Old Tom Gin was specified in the recipes of numerous classic gin based cocktails. It provides a balance and nuance unique to its style. Distillery Notes

Hayman Distillers is the longest serving family owned gin distiller in England. Hayman's Old Tom Gin is made under the careful supervision of Christopher Hayman with a recipe drawn from the family archives.

The re-introduction of Hayman's Old Tom Gin came by request of the London cocktail community, interested in having the full spectrum of gins as specified in the recipes of so many classic cocktails. As the authors of these recipes were deliberate in their selection of the style of gin, so too today we find the different styles of gin meaningfully impact the cocktail. 

Ramos Gin Fizz 

3 oz. milk 

1 1⁄4 oz. dry gin 

3 dashes fresh lemon juice 

3 dashes orange flower water 

2 dashes fresh lime juice 

1 egg white, beaten until frothy 

1 tbsp. confectioners' sugar 

Combine milk, gin, lemon juice, orange flower water, lime juice, about a quarter of the egg white, and sugar with plenty of ice in a cocktail shaker. Shake very well and strain into a cocktail tumbler.


Hayman's Old Tom Gin

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