• Cocchi Americano Blanco Aperitivo

This Moscato-based, quinine-enhanced aperitif wine made in Asti finally has a regular presence on store shelves. It can function before a meal just like Lillet, but its real value is in cocktails, where it adds a nuance far beyond vermouth. Jon Bonné is The Chronicle's wine editor.

Cocchi Americano Blanco Aperitivo. Aperitivo Americano Giulio Cocchi's original recipe Americano is more than just a simple aperitif in the town of Asti - in fact, it is the aperitif by definition, a piece of this century's local cultural and gastronomic history. This is the original Americano, produced without a break since 1891 according to an entirely natural recipe: white wine aromatized with many herbs and spices, no artificial coloring, flavoring or additive of any kind.

This is produced in limited quantities and matured for a year before being put on sale. The new bottle in that form of the classic clear glass Bordeaux shape is designed to be show the aperitif's natural origins as a wine, quite different to other inventive aperitifs based on alcohol. 

Friends with Benefits Punch 

4 Cups ginger Beer 

2 Cups fresh lemon juice 

1 Bottle Rose Wine (750) 

1 Bottle Cocchi Americano 

Add all ingredients to pitcher or punchbowl filled with ice. Stir Together gently. Garnish with lemon wheels and edible flowers. Gabe Orta & Elad Zvi, the Broken Shaker


Cocchi Americano Blanco Aperitivo

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