• Chateau de Briat 2004 Bas-Armagnac

100% Folle Blanche. Aged in oak 13 years. With the glass in hand, the Armagnacs of Briat do not let the consumer down. In fact, they epitomize the magical wonders that one can find in a glass of Gascon spirit.

As grape blends, barrels and vintage conditions vary, there is no standard that is replicated year after year. What is consistent is tremendous quality: always lots of nose, a rich palate feel, and excellent length. Charles Neal, Importer

The Château de Briat has a long and impressive history. Built in 1540, it first served as the hunting manor for Queen Jeanne d'Albret. 

The Queen's son, Henri de Navarre — later Henri IV, King of France — often stayed in the castle. In 1587, he gave it to one of his fellow officers as a reward for saving his life in battle.

After changing ownership several times, the domaine was taken over by Baron Raoul de Pichon-Longueville in 1864. The Pichon-Longueville family already owned the famous vineyard of the same name in Pauillac. The family used the estate as a country retreat while continuing the château's tradition of distilling a percentage of the harvest every year and stocking Armagnac.

44% ABV

Chateau de Briat 2004 Bas-Armagnac

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