• Cadenhead's Classic Rum

50% ABV Nose has maple syrup, grassiness, touch of caramel, spice and orchard fruits. Palate is soft and pretty with a light spice, grass, and creme bruleed apricot.  This is a great sipping rum. D&M Tasting Notes

This is a 5 year old blend of column still and pot still rum from Barbados, Guyana, Jamaica, Panama and Trinidad. This product has been bottled under the sole responsibility of Wm. Cadenhead Ltd. With the Exception of the addition of water to bring it to a drinking strength it has not been treated to change its color and is free from added sugar or any other additives. It has not been subject to any chill filtering that might remove natural constituents and spoil its flavor.

Nose: Rich and sweet, with golden syrup, coffee beans and some fruitier notes - strawberries and lychees with milk chocolate
Palate: Honeycomb and vanilla with dark chocolate, soft orangey notes with delicate spices.
Finish: Long and chewy, more chocolate and orange with cloves and a dusting of cayenne pepper. Importer Notes

Cadenhead's Classic Rum

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