• Brillet Belle de Brillet Liqueur

 Au Cognac/ Poire Williams.  Brilliant gold/harvest yellow color; flawless purity. Crisp acidity that maintains the aromatic integrity perfectly; ripe pear notes. Entry is luscious, ripe, yet refreshingly tart; midpalate is medium-long, juicy, pear flavor and cognac in harmony. Remarkably elegant. Importer Notes

 Belle de Brillet Pear Liqueur is an original blend of Brillet Cognac and the essence of Williams Pears (Poires Williams). This liqueur is the fruit of a perfect blend of very flavorful “Poire Williams” produced mainly in the east of France, fine Brillet Cognac Eau de Vie from the heart of the Cognac region, and a “special plus,” an ingredient whose secret is cautiously guarded by Maison Brillet. The perfectly matured pears are carefully selected, picked at peak ripeness, macerated, and then blended with Brillet cognac. About twenty pounds of pears are required to produce each bottle. Cork finished and presented in an elegant pear-shaped glass bottle, this liqueur has increasingly become a favorite of gourmets, distinguished palates and bar chefs around the world. 


1 oz Belle de Brillet

Top with champagne.

Build & serve in a champagne flute.

Brillet Belle de Brillet Liqueur

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