• Bigallet China-China Amer Liqueur

Bigallet China-China Amer Liqueur. Color is a chestnut brown/molasses/espresso look a like. Wow, the first nosing is treated to a zesty, citrusy melange of aromas, everything from rhubarb to celery to aniseed to bitter orange to tangerine to Blood Orange, then all these attributes remain deep into the secondary whiffs. Entry is keenly citrusy, peel-like, orangey, piquant, bittersweet, then the midpalate stage echoes all the findings of the entry. Aftertaste highlights the orange peel. Delicious, unique aperitif. *****(5 Stars)/Highest Recommendation Spirit Journal September 2014.

40% ABV

Bigallet China-China Amer Liqueur

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