Golden amber. Spicy, mellow, sweet, light-bodied. Smooth enough to sip throughout the night. Basil Hayden's is known for using more rye that in traditional bourbons. It impresses with notes of pepper balanced by slight citrus overtones and a spicy, warming finish and is equally enjoyable alone or in a cocktail. 40% ABV. Distillery Notes

The recipe of this remarkable bourbon dates back to 1796, when Basil Hayden himself was a master distiller. Hayden was born and raised in Maryland, where he learned to make whiskey from rye. When he came to Kentucky, Hayden began making whiskey from a base of corn, but added a higher percentage of rye than other distillers, resulting in a smooth, mild bourbon that was distinctly his own. Distillery Notes

Basil Hayden's Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

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