• Sibona Amaro Liqueur

Sibona Amaro Liqueur. Great easy sipping and mxiing amaro, not too rich or too bitter. Nice herbs and spice with mint and cola, light and pretty palate. Notes of rhubarb, clove and anise on the finish. This is grapa based of molavase and savuvignon blanc. D&M Tasting Notes

The Antica Distilleria Domenico Sibona S.p.A. is situated in the Roero zone, in the communal district of Piobesi d'Alba, a few kilometres from Alba. It was founded about a hundred years ago on the former premises of an old kiln. The distillery is located in the centre of an important wine zone, where the most typical vines from Piedmont are cultivated: Nebbiolo vine from which Barolo, Barbaresco and Roero wines are created according to their own zones of production, besides Barbera, Dolcetto, Moscato, Chardonnay, Arneis and Brachetto vines. Sibona is one of the historical distilleries in the Piedmont region and can boast the oldest distillation licence, the N° 1, issued by UTF (the offi­cial institution that regulates all the operations having to do with distilleries).This is a synonym for a great past and prestige. 

28% ABV


Sibona Amaro Liqueur

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