• Old Raj Red Label Gin

Palate entry is remarkably sensual in its creaminess, slightly prickly on the tip of the tongue, and exotic in its fruity/spicy/minty bearing; midpalate offers layer upon layer of botanical complexity without losing the core juniper taste. Finishes with a rush of mint and baking spice that's mind blowingly wonderful. The equal of the original. You know, I might even prefer this version by a slight margin. Spirit Journal

Old Raj Gin is distinctive in that it contains a measure of saffron, the rare and costly spice derived from the crocus flower. In addition to the slightly spicy flavor, this also imparts a pale yellow color to Old Raj. The subtle, aristocratic botanical mix (starring, of course, juniper berries) lures you into a warm, delighted sense of well being, a feeling deepened by the sheer silkiness of the spirit.

This is the new lower proof version of the classic Old Raj. Owns the tarnished silver/pewter tint that's so identified with Old Raj Gin; impeccable clarity. Initial inhalations come across a veritable banquet of authentic gin smells, starting with coriander, juniper, anise, and orris root and moving forward with ground pepper and lemon peel - holy-moly, what a beauty; nuances of spice enter the picture following aeration as do hints of lead pencil, earth, and tree bark; this is a complex aroma that's simultaneously intriguing and challenging.

46% ABV


Old Raj Red Label Gin

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