Single Malt Connoisseurs Club


Members of our buyers' club share an enthusiasm for the malt elixir in the most practical way, by saving time and money. No initiation or fees of any sort are charged. We simply ask that you undertake to remain in the club for the period of one year. As a club member you will receive a carefully selected, often unique bottling, complete with background information, shipped directly to your home or office every other month. The first club, the Single Malt Connoisseurs' Club, has a limit of $84.99, per shipment usually less, on the cost of the bottle itself. (Does not include tax and or shipping)


In March 2014 our members received: 

Longrow Red 11 Year Old Australian Shiraz Cask Finished

This month’s scotch hails from the town known in the Victorian era as the “Whisky Capitol of the World.” This phrase was coined by writer Alfred Barnard as he was writing his tome The Whisky Distilleries of the United Kingdom. The moniker was then true as Campbeltown was home to over thirty distilleries of varying staying power. Campbeltown is both isolated at the south end of the long  Kintyre  peninsula, as well as only 50 miles as the crow flies from both Belfast in Northern Ireland and Glasgow in mainland Scotland.

The overarching producer of this month’s selection, Springbank, may have been the 14th legal distillery on the peninsula, but the intervening 186 years has proven its tenacity. While the history of most Scotch whisky producers is a tale of boom, bust, and business transfers, the Springbank distillery has been a family affair since the year Charles Dickens published Oliver Twist. This makes the distillery the oldest family owned distillery in Scotland and is today managed by Hedley Wright, the great-great-great-grandson of the original Mitchell. The family has been so successful that they own four of the five distilleries that remain in the Campbeltown region. Springbank is renowned and valued as one of the most hand-crafted Scotch whiskys in production today.

The Mitchell clan has always been open to experimentation as long as things were rooted in tradition. In 1973, Longrow was first produced as a double-distilled and heavily peated single malt. The genesis of that original experiment was to show that it was possible to produce an Islay-style whisky on the mainland. The barley used for making the Longrow single malt is entirely peat dried. The initial experiment and those that followed were such a success, that Longrow-- after almost two decades of tinkering, became a full-fledged Campbeltown single malt.

The bottling we have selected for you spent six years in refill Bourbon barrels and five years in Australian Shiraz wine casks. This is a “Red” whisky, as the label states; the color tends towards brick with a tinge of orange and a golden hue at the edge. The nose is the Longrow signature of peat, but not overwhelming with additional notes of citrus, oranges, leather, and black olives. The palate does show some peat but it is a character actor in an ensemble cast with red berry fruits, peach, wine tannins a balanced sweetness and a pleasant oak finish. With a touch of water the ripe red fruits become even more evident.