Single Malt Connoisseurs Club


Members of our buyers' club share an enthusiasm for the malt elixir in the most practical way, by saving time and money. No initiation or fees of any sort are charged. We simply ask that you undertake to remain in the club for the period of one year. As a club member you will receive a carefully selected, often unique bottling, complete with background information, shipped directly to your home or office every other month. The first club, the Single Malt Connoisseurs' Club, has a limit of $84.99, per shipment usually less, on the cost of the bottle itself. (Does not include tax and or shipping)


In May 2014 our members received: 

Bowmore Exclusive Casks 12 year old Sherry Cask Cask Strength 

One year ago we brought you a ex-Bourbon barreled 11 year old Bowmore from an independent bottler new to the US market. Since that time Exclusive Malts has quite impressed us with their Single Barrel offerings to the point that we, after some hesitation, decided to bring you another Bowmore distilled at around the same time, yet aged this time in a Sherry cask.

So from last year’s 11 year old to this month’s 12 year old, we hope you enjoy the return to Bowmore as much as we have.!Islay has been an inhabited island for over 12,000 years, but has been in the distillation game for around 700 years. In the fifteenth century whisky was being made, though its form then would be unrecognizable to the modern drinker. It would have been made from a range of Cereal grains, sweetened with honey and flavored with herbs. This original whisky was also quite smoky, a trait that is still present in the whisky being produced on Islay to this day.!This month’s selection is from the Bowmore Distillery which is situated on the shores of Loch Indaal, in the town of Bowmore.

The distillery was founded in 1779 by John Simpson and was owner-operated, unusual for the time. Bowmore was taken over by James Mutter and his family in the early 1850s. Mutter considerably expanded the distillery and the Bowmore name gained notoriety and demand grew. The family kept the distillery until the 1890’s when it was sold and became the Bowmore Distillery Co. The distillery was acquired by Stanley P. Morrison in 1963. Morrison rebuilt and renovated many of the buildings, as well as retaining the malting floors- which are still in use today. Bowmore Distillery is one of a small number of distilleries to produce its own floor malted barley. The barley is still laboriously hand turned, by the malt man, using the traditional wooden malt shovel. The whisky is produced using water from the Laggan River from where it gathers the flavors of the rich Islay peat, the same peat that fires the malt drying kiln. Suntory of Japan is the present owner of the distillery.

Bowmore is the oldest continuously operating distillery on Islay. !This month’s selection is from Exclusive Casks, aged 12 years in sherry. The Bowmore 12 Year Old was bottled at cask strength for a total of 116.8 proof. Aromas of nori, ozone, oxidized fruits and damp earth and smoke are present on the nose, along with a touch of spice cake. The smoke in this bottling are present in the nose yet it is not overwhelming. The palate shows sweet red fruits, pie crust, ample earth, leaf smoke, saltwater taffy and a touch of petrol. !