Single Malt Aficionados Club


Members of our buyers' club share an enthusiasm for the malt elixir in the most practical way, by saving time and money. No initiation or fees of any sort are charged. We simply ask that you undertake to remain in the club for the period of one year. As a club member you will receive a carefully selected, often unique bottling, complete with background information, shipped directly to your home or office every other month. The Single Malt Aficionados' Club is dedicated to seeking out and enjoying the rarest and most classic of truly aged malts, has a limit of $119.99, per shipment on the cost for the bottle itself.(Does not include tax and or shipping) That's it. No strings just pure enjoyment.

In April 2014 our members received: 

Glen Garioch 1993 Exclusive Malts Bottling

Along the road from Banff down to Aberdeen in the Eastern Highlands is the Garioch (pronounced “GEErie”) Valley. Located here is the town of Old Meldrum which, with its surrounding rich farmland, historically has been the granary of the region. Thanks to its historical place growing so much quality grain, the Garioch is home to one of the oldest distilleries in Scotland. On December 1, 1785 Thomas Simpson announced in the Aberdeen Journal that he had started whisky production. While this is the earliest mention of what would in time come to be Glen Garioch, the firm today traces its official start to 1797.

As can be expected for a concern that has lasted two centuries, the owners have come and gone, and included such illustrious names as Vat 69, Booth’s Gin, Morrison-Bowmore and Suntory. There was a period of time in the late 1960s when Glen Garioch was mothballed due to lack of water. Thankfully new ownership had the mild gumption to drill for a well at a nearby farm, and the sourcing of water has not been an issue since.  Since Glen Garioch was acquired in the 1970s out of its mothball phase, the style of whisky from this facility has changed a number of times. When the whisky made here was primarily for blending (1797-1968), the use of peat was minimal.

When the Morrison-Bowmore regime took over in the early 1970s they brought their Islay sensibilities with them and Glen Garioch became smoky with a decidedly peaty edge to it. When Suntory purchased Morrison-Bowmore the whisky changed once again retaining some of the peat but with a decidedly lighter touch (1986 onwards). The bottling that we have selected for you was distilled in 1993, one year before Glen Garioch shut down for a renovation, and the new make spirit became thereafter unpeated. 1994 was also the year that Glen Garioch stopped doing their own floor maltings, making your bottle one of the last to have gone through this time honored, but labor intensive process. This sherry barrel aged 1993 showcases aromas of a bakeshop close to the sea. Aromas of ocean breeze come together with soft sweet elements of caramel, red fruits, baking spice, fruit cake and some nut brittle. The palate showcases moderate peat, a touch of salt, caramel and the aforementioned bake shop element, all leading to a mid weight and fantastic finish.