• Veuve J. Goudoulin 1964 Vieux Bas Armagnac

This 1964 shows a beautiful dark amber color in the glass with bright clarity. The nose is complex with aromas of dried fruits and toasted almonds, and a hint of exotic notes for an Armagnac: banana and cinnamon. The palate is round and warm with flavors of almond and marzipan, giving way to a persistent walnut tone on the long finish. Charles Neal, Importer

The history of Veuve Goudoulin starts with the work of an enterprising woman born in 1887 during the first presidency of Grover Cleveland. Jeanne Ménal Goudoulin was born in 1887 in Mouchan in southwest France, roughly between Toulouse and Bourdeaux. Through marriage, Jeanne Goudoulin came into ownership of the Domaine de Bigor in Courrensan in 1908. She and her husband were by all reports happy, but bigger global forces were to have a hand in cutting their marriage short. Her husband, Joseph Goudoulin, died in 1925 due to injuries suffered during the World WarI, and the young widow decided to run the Domaine de Bigor on her own. In 1935, she began to sell Armagnac from the large stock both she and previous generations had built up. Within a few years she, in addition to selling her own stocks,made the switch to be a negoçiant. Negoçiants are brokers that purchase spirits either when they are young and blend them to their house style, or they purchase older spirits from a variety of sources including small producers, cooperatives or other brokers. The alchemy of these complex deals and long relationships has been the several life time’s work of the Goudoulin family.

After almost three decades at the helm, the Widow Goudoulin passed the management of the estate to her grandson Christian Faure, in 1964. Christian had spent several years working along side his grandmother, and she passed on all her expertise and knowledge of the Armagnac business. Christian Faure spent 45 years as the head of his family’s concern and consistently expanded the business and made the Goudoulin label one very familiar in France. In 2009 he retired and looked for a owner outside of the family to shepherd his grandmother’s name to new audiences. So in 2010, Michel Miclo,whose family also own a distillery in Alsace, G. Miclo Distillery, bought Armagnacs J. Goudoulin.

Christian had sold 70% of his Armagnac domestically and 30% Internationally, but Michel and his team look to flip flop that local/ international sales strategy. At D & M, we have been working with Veuve Goudoulin for the quite some time,and have seen the prices creep up under the new owners. Looking to the future and remembering the past, we wanted to offer you the last vintage under Madame Goudoulin and the first under Christian Faure a half century ago.

Veuve J. Goudoulin 1964 Vieux Bas Armagnac

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