• Veuve J. Goudoulin 1952 Vieux Bas Armagnac

Topaz with green highlights. Preserved plum and vanilla on the nose, lots of roundness and suppleness on the palate that envelop rich spicy and nut notes. The lightly tannic finish helps push the finish of this lengthy spirit. Importer Notes

Armagnac is Goudoulin founded in 1935 by Madame Jeanne Menal Goudoulin Mouchan born in 1887 in the Gers. Jeanne Goudoulin devient par mariage propriétaire du Domaine de Bigor à Courrensan en 1908, et suite au décès de son époux Joseph Goudoulin en 1925, des suites de blessures de guerre de 14/18, elle exploite seule sa propriété du Domaine de Bigor située à Courrensan en Bas Armagnac. Jeanne Goudoulin becomes owner of the estate of marriage to Bigor Courrensan in 1908, and following the death of her husband Joseph Goudoulin in 1925, from wounds of war 14/18, it exploits only the Estate of his property located Bigor Courrensan in Bas Armagnac. 

It has a large stock of Armagnac, accumulated by itself and the previous generations and decides to market it directly 1935.Christian Faure takes home of Armagnac in 1964 after several years spent with his grandmother, who will forward all his knowledge and his art on the loom.

In 2009, after developing the business and brand awareness, Christian Faure retires. Michel Miclo, propriétaire de la Distillerie familiale G. Miclo Michel, owner of the distillery family G. Miclo en Alsace fait l'acquisition des Armagnacs J. Miclo in Alsace acquired the Armagnacs J. Goudoulin et met en place une équipe qui a pour mission de développer un nouveau rayonnement de la marque tout en préservant l'authenticité et la qualité reconnue des armagnacs. Goudoulin and sets up a team whose mission is to develop a new brand of radiation while preserving the authenticity and the recognized quality of Armagnac.

Thanks again to important personal inventory, Armagnac Goudoulin can have very old vintages, outstanding quality, which can only be satisfactory both for their finesse than their aroma and bouquet, all from the best vineyards.

Veuve J. Goudoulin 1952 Vieux Bas Armagnac

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