• Veuve J. Goudoulin 1930 Vieux Bas-Armagnac

Vintage-dated Armagnac Robust, Rich and Characterful The Perfect Birthday and Anniversary Gift Armagnac, distilled mainly in Gascony in the southwest of France, is recognized as the only brandy to come close to the quality of cognac - indeed some connoisseurs specifically prefer the more robust flavor of armagnac. It is distilled once only, in a specialized copper still that was invented in the Armagnac region on the nineteenth century.

Frequently, small farmers use a portable still, which is wheeled from farm to farm. It is then aged in black oak, which gives tannin and deep color to the brandy. The ageing and labeling of armagnac is done in much the same way as cognac. The region known as Armagnac is divided into three areas (in order of descending quality): Bas-Armagnac, Ténarèze, and Haut Armagnac. Any bottle bearing only the word Armagnac, without mention of any of the regions, is a blend of two or all three regions. 

Veuve J. Goudoulin 1930 Vieux Bas-Armagnac

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