• Ulysse Collin Lot 16 Les Maillons Blanc de Noir Champagne

Extra Brut.  : "Grower Champagne" Olivier Collin wines are extremely vinous with a softer mousse style and lots of aging potential. The Blanc de Noirs “Maillon” shows lots of red fruit and spice with a rich, full bodied texture and good acidity. I love these wines on day 2 when they really express the quality of fruit and care that goes into their production.

Natural and non-interventionist. All native yeast fermentation which can take up to 8 months for the primary. All fermentation occurs in 3-6 year-old barriques. The wine is never fined or filtered. All the Collin wines are Brut Nature. 

A member of the new wave of Champagne producers headed by Anselme Selosse, Olivier Collin is dedicated to making single vineyard, single varietal, single vintage Champagne. Historically, his family sold their grapes to Pommery. In 2003, Olivier re-claimed 4.5 HA of his family’s vineyards and began farming it organically. In 2005, he acquired 4.2HA from his grandparents. The estate now totals 8.7 HA of organically farmed grapes. Importer Notes 

In 2003, Olivier Collin recovered the 4.5HA of vineyards that his family had rented out for years. His first purchase was a second-hand high tractor and plows to work the land. His second went to used Burgundy-type barrels, which were at least 4 years old, because he thinks the still wine has to be made in oak. 

In 2005, Olivier got back an additional 4.2HA of vines, 3HA of which belong to his grandparents, and the whole winemaking facility and aging cellar. The estate is now a total of 8.7HA.   

Olivier is pragmatic when it comes to his vineyard work. He doesn’t yet own all the equipment he needs to work the way he would prefer, so he uses a mix of organic and conventional practices: he plows, doesn’t use herbicides or anti-rot products, only powdered sulfur against odium and an organic insecticide against ver de la grappe (a type of tiny caterpillar that eats berries and causes gray rot); mildew is fought with chemical compounds. Organic compost is added to the soil when needed.   

Cellar work is straightforward, the alcoholic fermentation takes as long as it needs (6 months in 2004) and is followed by the malolactic fermentation. Tartaric precipitations occur under natural cold conditions, and the wine is not fined or filtered before the secondary fermentation in bottle. There is no or little dosage. Importer Notes 

Ulysse Collin Lot 16 Les Maillons Blanc de Noir Champagne

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