• Tobermory 8 Yr John Milroy Bottling Single Malt Scotch Whisky

The nose shows an aroma set of peanut skin, pepper, nougat, cashew, dried peache, and just there peat, salt and earth. The palate starts with a gentle smoke and peat note before nougat, cashew butter, cream and a light salt note emerges with time on the palate. D&M Tasting Notes

Distilled: 2008 Bottled: 2017 Cask# 900162  57.2% ABV

A note on the new bottler John Milroy. John and his brother got their start in the Soho district in London in the 1960s, and focused on the joys of single malts when everyone else was ‘innovating’ with blends. In 2009 in the wake of the financial crisis they sold the ageing stock and name to Berry Brothers and Rudd, a London concern that has existed since the late 1600s and is most well known as the proprietors of Glenrothes.

The last remaining distillery on the Isle of Mull. Tobermory is not only the last survivor, it is one of the oldest commercial distilleries in Scotland. From this fount of whisky making two names are used; one name is historical and represents their peated offerings while the other represents their modern expression and the name of the town they call home.

Before we start with the history of the distillery, let’s begin with the history of the town of Tobermory. At around the same time as their compatriots were plundering the world for Queen and Country, some English eyes turned to the North. Scotland was newly depeopled after the Highland Clearances and by the late 1700s open for repopulation. Tobermory was founded as a fishing port in 1788 by the British Fisheries Society and laid out by the great Scottish engineer Thomas Telford, known in his day as The Colo ssus of Roads. Less than a decade after the founding of the burgh, a local kelp merchant by the name of John Sinclair applied to open a distillery. 

In 1797 when John Sinclair initially applied to open a distillery, Great Britain was engaged in its third year of War with France. As there was a ban on distilling to save grain for the army and the people, his request was rejected. The authorities told him he could build a brewery, but John was unimpressed. He waited a year and was granted the right to build a distillery in 1798, which he named Ledaig. John built the buildings that exist to this day and began making distillate. Whisky production continued for the next 39 years before going into an extended period of closure. In 1878 Tobermory/ Ledaig was reopened and produced whisky through the first great Scotch whisky bubble, and for a handful of owners until it was shut down again in 1930. During its next four decades of closure, the buildings of Tobermory were used to house soldiers during World War II and as a power station for the island.

Tobermory as we know it today stuttered back to life in 1972 when it was reopened for whisky production. The 1970s were not a time remembered for their stability in the whisky world, and Tobermory went through a series of openings and closures through the 1980s. It was during this time that the warehouses for aging whisky were converted to apartments, so the distillate of Tobermory/ Ledaig began to be transported for aging at Deanston and Bunnahabain. This fish or cut bait history has been somewhat stabilized in the last 20 years with a new whisky maker of note. Ian MacMillan can speak to 40 years in the Scotch Whisky industry, of which the last 22 years have been at the helm of Tobermory/ Ledaig. Using malted barleys from Port Ellen in the Southeast of Islay, Ian and his team craft two distinct styles of whisky. Tobermory today is used to describe the unpeated offerings while the original distillery name, Ledaig, is used for their peated offerings. Michael Kennel, D&M 


Tobermory 8 Yr John Milroy Bottling Single Malt Scotch Whisky

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