• The Promise Cocktail Kit

The movement to pre-made cocktails has been touted by spirit makers big and small lately. Call us old fashioned, but we enjoy the act and ritual of getting out the shaker and mixing our own cocktails with all the chances for happy accidents and riffs that each assembled cocktail allows.

It was during one of these sessions of cocktail creation that our colleague Nick decided to see what direction he could take the classic whiskey based cocktail The Pledge with the substitution of barrel aged Gin. The result of his delicious work is our first Cocktail Set! 

This drink we are calling The Promise. Gin, Amaro, lemon and whisky scented bitters come together with a wee bit of simple syrup to create a drink that straddles the line of fall quite well.

Nick loves making  and sharing cocktails so now we have put together a kit, at a discount so you may enjoy as well. 

This box includes: Spirit Works Gin, Meletti Amaro and D&M bitters

"The Promise"

1 1/2 oz Spirit Works Barrel Gin

1/2 oz Meletti Amaro

1/2 oz Simple Syrup (1 cup sugar/1 cup water cook until dissolved, then cool)

1/2 oz Lemon juice

5 drops D&M Scotch & Spice Bitters

 Shake with ice until cold.

Strain into coup or highball glass

Express lemon twist over glass, run around the rim and drop in

Enjoy! Nick Moone, D&M

The Promise Cocktail Kit

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