• Strongwater Classic Shrub Gift Pack

5 - 2fl. oz bottles.A great way to try all these fantastic Shrub flavors. Add them to your spirits bourbon, Tequila, Vodka, Gin or make champagne cocktails!

Add to Sparkling water for Mocktails

Shrubs are classic colonial style cocktail mixers made from apple cider vinegar infused with fruit, herbs and honey. Meant to be paired with your favorite liquor, in bubble water or taken daily as a health tonic. Either way they are a refreshing Apothecary style drink with many health benefits and a lot of versatility. You can mix them in a salad or even marinate your meats and veggies.

Blueberry & Mint Classic Shrub

 Aromas of mint with the hints of blueberry fruits, that palate has it switched with the fruti up front and the mint in the background. the bit of vinagar keeps any fruit sweetness in check.D&M Tasting Notes

Celebrate the return of traditional shrubs with our Blueberry Mint in a refreshing blueberry whiskey smash! The options are endless with this beautiful blend of dark fruit and balanced mint that will brighten up any cocktail.

Cherry & Thyme Classic Shrub

Our most robust shrub, the Cherry and Thyme can stand up to any dark spirit you pair it with. Charmed with the beautifully deep flavors of cherry matched with the wildness of thyme. This shrub will bring back memories you never knew you had. Try marinating your pork or chicken in it with a splash of bourbon...need we say

Ginger & Pear Classic Shrub

A classic shrub with a spicy nod to ginger, we can hardly keep our Ginger and Pear on the shelf. It makes a bright gin, whiskey or vodka mule, and adds a wild and spicy twist to a tequila cocktail.

Peach & Rose Classic Shrub

One of our lighter and more delicate style shrubs, the Peach and Rose is an intoxicating blend. It is not overwhelming with rose fragrance but rather embodies an extremely mellow flavor that makes a one-of-a-kind cocktail whether you pair it with champagne, gin or tequila.

Persimmon and Lavender Classic Shrub

As precise as it is creative. This non-traditional pair proves itself to be an incredibly well balanced and elegant cocktail mixer. It is refined, romantic and unforgettable. 

Strongwater Classic Shrub Gift Pack

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