• Spirit Works Straight Rye Whiskey

3 years, 6 months.  Fresh rye, with honey and apples, and a bit of jalapeno. This is soft, smooth texture but has nice rye and oak barrel spice on the palate, picking up vanilla and coconut and a little of the jalapeno on the finish. D&M Tasting Notes

Bright aroma of baked apples, coffee, cedar and leather. There are spicy notes of clove and nutmeg followed by notes of honeycomb, toasted coconut and vanilla warm spice Distillery Notes

The mash bill is 70% Rye and 30% Malt Barley.  

We have been excitedly following the work of Spirit Works in Sebastopol for the last five years. The distillery got its start in 2012 when a husband and wife team decided to turn their eclectic work experiences from sailing instructors to IRATA climbing into a more stable business focus.

Timo grew up in a tiny town in the southwest of England where his family had been perfecting a Sloe Gin recipe for a couple of generations while his wife Ashby grew up here on the west coast and developed a passion to dive deep into the intricacies of whiskey. When they began they split their roles: Timo would talk and Ashby would do. They were quite intentional about how they wanted to run their business, and focused on the grain to glass model. In this process (which echoes how distilling used to be done) new grain comes into the distillery, where it is then milled down, fermented, and then run through two distillations before hitting the barrel. The leftover grain goes to a local farmer to be used as feed- free of charge to the farmer and the pig. Today, Ashby has stepped back from distilling duty and installed Lauren Patz as head distiller- keeping Spirit Works as an all female distillery team. Michael Kennel, D&M


Spirit Works Straight Rye Whiskey

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