• Smockshop Band Red Wine #1

Hood River Oregon. A blend of Syrah and Grenache and a blend of several years. The nose shows pepper, light game, dried berries, cedar, dried cherry, light licorice and tar. The palate is present like a Chateauneuf with dried cherries, cranberries, game, tar, and anise. The closest to Chateauneuf du Pape in USA wine.  D&M Tasting Notes

Hiyu is a 30 acre farm in the Hood River Valley. Guided by nature and inspired by ideas from biodynamics and permaculture we tend vines, raise animals, garden, cook and make wine to reveal an experience of place.

Smockshop Band is an exploration of the Columbia Gorge. The Gorge contains a diverse range of landscapes within a small area. It was this multitude of potential places to make wine that drew us to the Gorge. We've been working on developing relationships with growers and landowners who share our vision of farming. We now lease and farm twenty acres of land outside of Hiyu and purchase fruit from an additional few more. All of the vineyards are farmed naturally and allow us access to the full spectrum of possible flavors from high altitude, cool climate sites on the western end of the Gorge to the more Mediterranean, dessert influenced sites to the east.

This 10 acre vineyard is located on the banks of the Columbia River where the Gorge transitions to desert. A Basalt cliff rises from the river, there are dunes on the other side of the cliff and the vineyard is planted in black sand and basalt cobbles beyond the dunes. The site is complex and influenced by torrid heat from the desert, unimpeded flow of alpine air from the slopes of Mt. Adams and powerful, ocean inflected winds that are accelerated by the steep walls of the Gorge. The change in vegetation is also dramatic and the wild desert plants that grow under the canopy lend the wines compelling botanical perfumes.   

This is the first bottling from a multi-vintage blend of varietals with origins in Bordeaux and the Southern Rhone.  Winery Notes

Smockshop Band Red Wine #1

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