• Shirataki Uonuma Noujun Junmai Sake

Hints of celery, pear and anis in the nose. Rich, savory and creamy on the palate with flavors of mocha, spicy, vanilla and finishes with crisp acidity.  Importer notes

Polishing 80%, Alcohol 16-17%

Echigo Yuzawa is home to Koshikikari, the most famous, high quality rice brand in Japan. This combination of high quality clear natural water and top-quality rice means that Shirataki Shuzo is based in the best location in Japan for the production of sake. Shirataki Shuzo produces seasonal sake that celebrates the opening of brewing season in the fall, and sake that represent the winter, spring and summer months. Most notably they are known for their fresh and lively Namazake Junmai Ginjo which can be enjoyed all year round.

Shirataki Uonuma Noujun Junmai Sake

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