• Scrappy's Celery Bitters 5oz.

Using an antique recipe to invoked the Old World flavours of a nineteenth century bar, this Bitters is the essence of celery seed accented with hints of citrus. 

Scrappy’s was founded on the simple idea that bitters could be made better. By selecting the finest ingredients possible and holding every batch to the same impeccable standards, we would deliver a bolder, truer flavor to a thirsty market.

That's why Scrappy’s uses fresh, organic fruits and herbs – never oils, extracts, or dried produce. It’s why we process and bottle our natural ingredients in one location and why we number every batch after meticulous inspection. We believe the only way to make bitters better is to make them by hand. And that’s exactly what we do.


Scrappy's Celery Bitters 5oz.

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