• Royal Brackla 11 YR. Exclusive Malts Bottling Single Malt Scotch

Royal Brackla is known for being a high toned whisky, and this one is no different with an aroma set of smoke, dark caramel, fresh baked bread, and a whiff of peat. The palate belies its almost 62% ABV with a creamy mouthfeel and flavors of nougat, baking spices and a light campfire note on the finish. D&M Tasting Notes

Distilled: November 7th 2006. Cask# 310865, 286 bottles. Aged in Virgin French Oak, cask strength 58.2% ABV

Brackla came into being when most whisky produced in Scotland was illicit and the cat and mouse game between tax man and distillers was the order of the day. In 1812, Captain William Fraser took out an official license to begin distilling on the Cawdor Estate, near Cawdor Castle. (Cawdor is famous as the home of Macbeth where he killed King Duncan in Shakespeare’s play.) In those days before the Excise Act of 1823, most distilling was small scale and widespread. This did not make the good Captain well liked in the neighborhood, but the wider world took notice. In 1835, Brackla was the first Scotch to be granted a royal warrant and the right and privilege to call itself Royal Brackla. The Morning Post reported in January 20th, 1835: “His Majesty having been pleased to distinguish this 'by his Royal Command to supply his establishment' has placed this whisky first on the List of British Spirits, and when known should in truth be termed 'The Drink Divine.’’ This conferment by King William IV let Fraser innovate with 18th century marketing, and call his whisky “The King’s Own Whisky.”

From this innovation Royal Brackla would also be ground zero for Scotch’s killer app of the 1800s: the invention of blended whisky. In the 1860s Andrew Usher, while working as an agent for Royal Brackla, began to experiment with blending different distilleries and types of whisky together. Naturally Royal Brackla was included in these early blends, and this early success launched an entire industry onto the world stage. Usher was rewarded for his innovation and became a director of the company in 1887. From there the corporate history gets a bit boring with mergers and acquisitions till it finally ends up in the hands of Bacardi following the creation of Diageo in 1998.

Today the distillery setup hews to a traditional approach. Extra time is taken at the fermentation stage: up to 80 hours, far longer than most Scottish distilleries. The stills, are much taller than is the norm, and run at an uncommonly slow pace. This extra time and great height allows plenty of reflux, leading to a pretty high-toned personality. The house style was described by Michael Jackson as 'Fruity, cleansing, sometimes with a dry, hot finish. A refresher or a pousse-cafe.’ Much of the four million liters that Royal Brackla makes a year is destined for blends from Dewar’s to Johnnie Walker Gold. Current owner Bacardi seems to be beginning to release Brackla more as a single malt, so we hope to be offered more of this excellent spirit in the future. Michael Kennel, D&M

Royal Brackla 11 YR. Exclusive Malts Bottling Single Malt Scotch

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