• Rene Geoffroy Half Bottle Ratafia

*500ML.  This is a Champagne dessert wine that is made entirely of 2016 Pinot Noir from the 1er Cru village: Cumieres. The nose shows a delicate red berry fruit with cherry and a light baking spice and a sweet cherry pie. The palate is similarly balanced with a pretty almost lightly aged port quality to it. Delicious!  D&M Tasting Notes

These days, many of the grower-producers are selling all the Champagne they can make. Jean-Baptiste Geoffroy, who has 14 hectares in the Vallée de la Marne, is the fifth generation in his family to grow grapes in the region. While his family has always made a little wine, they began to emphasize Champagne production in the bad years after World War II, when they were unable to sell their grapes to the big houses. In the 1970’s Mr. Geoffroy’s father decided to keep all the grapes and turn them into Champagne. Walking through a hillside vineyard in Cumières overlooking the Marne, Mr. Geoffroy’s parcels were easy to distinguish from the others. The lush green grass growing between his rows of bare vines was evidence of his distaste for chemical pesticides and herbicides. “If you don’t have passion, you won’t make very good Champagne,” he said as he strolled the vineyard, waving at local hunters who also walked the rows, shotguns in hand, searching for rabbits and pheasants. Importer Notes

Harvested and sorted by hand. Muted during the harvest with our fine de Champagne and juice pressed from the “rosé de saignée”.


Very lovely, slightly reddish, amber robe. A rich mouth, marked by the Pinot, cherry stones in alcohol, harmonious and balanced, freshness meets sweetness at the finish

This Ratafia is the ideal partner for creamy desserts: a crème brulée, a red fruit tiramisu, vanilla ice cream, a chocolate/cherry association, all served with a glass of ratafia will make you melt with pleasure. Veined cheeses such as bleu d’Auvergne or Fourme de Montbrison. And to keep things simple, this ratafia wonderfully complements a perfectly ripe melon. Champagne House Notes

Rene Geoffroy Half Bottle Ratafia

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