100% pure pot still, triple distilled.

"Stupendous nose, a bit of nip and bite but the sheer brittleness of the pot still is so real and alive you feel; you could snap it in two. The malt also comes through alongside an apple-like fruitiness and a hovering trace of sherry..."

"Just a sip is enough to fill your mouth with a multi-layered attack of malt and pepper plus a few sherry notes with the Irish pot still character arriving on the second wave and refusing to budge. This is enormously assertive stuff. Very long indeed, and the late spice comes as the perfect ending to the great complexity of all that has gone on before. Although there is a dryness, some honey and fudge character also makes itslf known and is more dangerously delectable than any other..."

"This is a marvellous whiskey. The pot still character gives an enourmous depth and each time you taste it another facet of its make-up is spotter. A perfect after-dinner whiskey." Jim Murray, Classic Irish Whiskey.

Red Breast 12 Year Old Irish Whiskey

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