• Raymond Ragnaud Hors D'Age Cognac

This Hors d’Age bottle is a blend whose minimum age is 35 years. This is the age of oak, rancio, and dried fruits where tannins take over. The nose shows plum, hard toffee, walnuts, honey, wood smoke, and rancio in a delightfully complex form. The palate has a backbone of spice, complex barrel notes, and just there dried fruits that give way to a great texture and fantastic length. D&M Tasting Notes

Raymond Ragnaud is one of two producers in the sleepy Cognac town of Ambleville who share the same name, as well as a long history in the region. The Ragnaud Cognac history dates to 1860 when the family purchased a small vineyard in the center of the Grande Champagne region. In 1920, Paul Ragnaud bought the Château de Ambleville (at left), and bequeathed it to his son Raymond in 1941. Raymond continued the family arrangement of selling spirits to the negociant houses, but also began selling some of the Cognac stocks he had inherited from his father. (Suffice it to say that Raymond and his brother could not get along, thus the two estates with the same last name.) In 1963, Raymond and his wife expanded their holdings and purchased vineyards in the neighboring villages of the Grande Champagne including Criteuil and Lignieres-Sonneville. Two of their children, Françoise and Jean-Marie, joined the family concern.

Fast forward to the modern day, and now Françoise Ragnaud-Bricq runs the firm, dividing her time between Paris and the château. She oversees 118 acres, of which 25 are in Ambleville, 25 in Criteuil and 68 acres on the Hauteneuve slopes of Lignieres-Sonneville. The soils in Lignieres-Sonneville are slightly less rich than the two other communes. The majority of the vineyards are planted to Ugni Blanc, (though there are 9 acres of Folle Blanche which they vinify, distill and bottle separately.) After harvest and fermentation, the wines are aged outdoors in cement and fiberglass tanks. The wines are distilled behind the château on their lees in two pot stills. To this day the family sells about 40% of their production to Remy Martin and Hennessy. With a sizable acreage, distillation runs from around early-November through mid-March. The spirits normally see four to six months in new oak, and is then transferred either to older barrels or into large oversized casks called tonneau . Their chai next to the distillery is on two levels, allowing them to take advantage of two different storage conditions. Another chai lies next door, where they store some of their older spirits. A third chai is located in Lignieres-Sonneville, where they house their vintages. Their stock stands at about 1,400 hectoliters of pure alcohol, the equivalent of some 175,000 bottles. The bottle we have for you was overseen by maître-de-chai Jean-Marie Chapuzet for much of its life; since Jean-Marie retired in 2013 Baptiste Beau has taken the reigns of the cellar. Charles Neal, Importer


Raymond Ragnaud Hors D'Age Cognac

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