• Quinta Dos Pesos 1991 Carcavelos

500ml.  From an appellation down to 25 acres, this is from a grand estate that was left unattended from 2004-2016, this is benign neglect at its finest. The nose shows an aged spirt like personality with dried apple, rancio, walnut, and a hint of spiced citrus. The palate is moderate with a savory to balance sweet. D&M Tasting Notes

The wines of Quinta dos Pesos offer a glimpse into the long history of Carcavelos, one of Portugal’s great Vinho Generosos and perhaps its rarest wine. Situated in the village of Caparide, in the hills behind Estoril west of Lisbon, the estate was acquired by Manoel de Boullosa in 1963. Its vineyards were painstakingly restored over the course of the next twenty years. In keeping with ancient tradition, a mix of white (Arinto, Gallego Dourado, Ratinho, Rabo do Ovelha) and red grapes (Joao Santarem, Espadeiro Tinto) from its three hectares were co-fermented and aged in cask for many years. A small quantity of the vintages 1987-1991 were commercialized, and the remaining wines continued their long sleep until 2018, when they were tasted, selected and blended with minimal intervention. The results were revelatory, and confirm the high esteem afforded Carcavelos over centuries.

Carcavelos is the smallest wine appellation in Portugal, and is located just west of Lisbon, along the Tagus estuary as it meets the Atlantic. Founded in the mid-18th century by the Marquis de Pombal, Carcavelos quickly gained renown, when it was gifted by King Jose I of Portugal to the court of Beijing in 1752 and later was featured in Christie’s first-ever London wine auction, appearing alongside Hock, Burgundy and Malaga. Yet production remained small relative to that of Port and Madeira, and the arrival of phylloxera in the late 19th century began Carcavelos’ slow fade—even as it was officially demarcated in 1908 and recognized with Port, Moscatel de Setúbal and Madeira as one of four traditional Portuguese Vinhos Generosos (fortified wines). Produced from a blend of up to nine different white and red varieties—Arinto, Gallego Dourado and Ratinho are the most common—its elevage traditionally ranged from 10-20 years, with barrels more or less topped-up, depending on the style of the producer. Oxidative in character, today Carcavelos is amongst the rarest of wines, with just one active producer, and its bottles rarely seen beyond Portuguese borders. Importer Notes

Quinta Dos Pesos 1991 Carcavelos

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