• Pur Geist Half Bottle Sloe Berry Flavored Vodka

*375 pür-geist sloe embodies the noble essence of a distinguished berry. Its tart and slightly bitter notes lend complexity and distinction to sophisticated cocktails. It is produced according to a time-honored recipe without sugar or additives of any kind. pür-geist sloe is the historical descendant of herbal medicines distilled by European monks many centuries ago. Fresh sloe berries are macerated in Vodka which is then filtered and re-distilled capturing the essence of the sloe.

Mix with Bonal, Cocchi Americano, Lillet or Dolin Vermouth.

What is Geist? Think of it as a Reinheitsgebot (Law of Purity) for German style Vodka. Geist is type of distilled spirit that legally cannot contain chemicals, sugars, coloring, flavoring agents - be they natural or synthetic.

GEIST is German for ghost or spirit. In Germany and as designated by the EU, GEIST is a traditional class of spirits defined as a distilled maceration of fruits. That means the Vodka or fruit brandy base is infused with fruit. This time-intensive process is called maceration. It delicately draws out the vibrant flavors preserving the authentic natural fruit aroma. After 30 days of maceration, the fruit is filtered out and the now flavored vodka is distilled again. 

While inexpensive vodka is often made from low quality neutral grain spirits, an industrial by-product that can contain chemicals, additives and flavoring agents, German GEIST is a style of Vodka that has no additives of any kind, is produced without sugars and is never flavored with anything but the actual fruit. 

Why do German distilleries make Geist? In Germany, distilleries have been distilling fruit brandy for many centuries. In order to ferment and distill berries like raspberry or sloe berries that have a low sugar content, very large amounts of berries are needed. The resulting spirits would be unaffordable if distilled according to German law - that is without the addition of sugar to the mash. Over time, distillers discovered that they could achieve an even deeper berry flavor with a smoother finish by using the GEIST technique.


Pur Geist Half Bottle Sloe Berry Flavored Vodka

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