• Pierre Peters L'Etonnant Monsieur Victor MK-11

Grand Cru, Blanc de Blancs."Grower Champange" L’Etonnant Monsieur Victor (“the Astonishing Mr. Victor”) is a newest addition to the range at Pierre Péters. This wine blends the best tank of the vintage (Les Chétillons) with the best tank of reserve wine, aged agrafe and released after a long period of lees aging. The wine will be part of a collection meant to be aged, and each release will bear a label designed and drawn by Victor Péters, Rodolphe’s 17 year old son, an artist. “Each label for each release will be done by Victor, in the style of a famous artist, and of a famous painting.” The first release was MK 09 is done in the style of Murakami. Importer Notes

"Located in the Cote de Blancs in the village of Le-mesnil-sur-oger. These are blow-your mind Champagnes. Crystaline, jewel-like firmness and immense mealy depth give these a Krug-like profile nearly unique among Blanc de Blancs. "If Blanc de Blancs Champagne has something in common with Mosel wine in general, then these are like Saar wines, a concentration of the minerally essence of the type, and straining at the leash as though the fruit wanted to burst free and run at full gallop. I've described the wines as starched, for they have that crisp stiffness. Though not exceptionally high in acidity, they are exceptionally low in pH, which gives them their attack on the palate and their thrilling high notes of aroma." Terry Theise


Pierre Peters L'Etonnant Monsieur Victor MK-11

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